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Become a Choose IT Lose IT Coach

Why become a Choose IT Lose IT Venue ?
  • An average of 60% of the Western World is now deemed as overweight.
  • Weight loss medication, surgery and supplements are the largest and fastest growing market in the world.
  • Prescription medication and surgery is licensed for patients that present as obese, morbidly obese, or supra obese. In essence there is no effective support programme for people that are deemed as overweight. As overweight clients, they will still be experiencing all the biochemical problems discussed in our literature.
  • The FDA has approved two new medications currently in clinical trial, as current available strategies have flaws.
  • Choose IT Lose IT is unique in the market place as it is the first programme of it's kind that addresses  the causes of weight gain, the biochemical reasons clients don't successfully lose FAT and the reasons weight loss stops.

You have two options to become a Choose IT Lose IT Coach:
  1. A Nurse Consultant will carry out the first three clinics for you, whilst you observe and learn. You will run clinic four,  with your Nurse Consultant observing. This is known as the clinical hot seating model. At the end of clinic four you will  sit an exam which will be marked by your Nurse consultant on the day. On passing you will achieve our diploma and will be able to get insurance with a nationally recognised insurer. The Clinic Programme is £300.00 per client. You will be paid net of the programme kit, supervision by your Nurse Consultant and cost of Diploma. Minimum attendees per clinic must be five clients. You will be given 5 kits on passing your Diploma as a congratulations gift of us! 
  2. You can attend The diploma course at a cost of £995.00 and will receive five kits with an ROI of £1500.00. Once you have provided your training certificate to the insurers, you will be able to launch Your Clinics.

What happens next?
  • On going support from your Nurse Consultant.
  • Generation of new clients.
  • Beauticians, Personal Trainers,Coaches, Clinicians, Nurses welcome.
  • FDA approved manufacturer and Good Manufacturing Certificate.
  • Satisfaction in offering a programme that works.