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HORMONES - the chemical key to successful Fat loss

Through this web site we have tried to provide you with the scientific information which we have spent many years studying, to answer the clinical questions we have often been presented with by actual patients....simply....why has a particular programme or method failed to assist a particular patient? In the past when a method failed excluding the obvious blood test for an under active thyroid, patients or clients were blamed. The reality is simple, you may have made a very conscious decision to change your life style and lose weight but often your body is still in fat mode. This section explores all the hormones involved in converting calories into fat, stripping fat from the body and how your hormones affect how many calories you need. One of the fundamental flaws of all calorie reducing programmes is the fact that they "lump" every adult together and come up with a magic calorie figure that if you maintain this you will lose weight. We have three issues with this philosophy, firstly it's simply not true. This science may stop you gaining more but it might not necessarily assist you. Secondly, the body will recognise that you are excluding calories and will trigger a hormone reaction, reducing your bodies demand for calories. Finally and bluntly, the more fat cells we have, the poorer the lifestyle choices we've made, the more yo - you diets we've been on, the less inclined our bodies will be to react to the intellectual choice we have made. The whole purpose of our Nutraceutical Programme is to negate any damage you have done and start you on an even playing field for success. 

May We take this opportunity to say that by Choosing this Programme, you will lose IT. Congratulations and welcome to the rest of your life. Thank You for trusting Us as our primary objective is to blow the myths and assist everyone.

Love Gina and Naomi​


Insulin is a hormone produced within the pancreas to maintain blood sugar (glucose) levels. The body converts carbohydrate into glucose from the foods that we eat. Insulin is released when blood sugar rises to absorb sugars into the cell for energy. A limited amount of excess sugar is stored within the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen to be released when your blood sugar is low, but if your bloodstream contains more than it needs or can be stored as glycogen the remainder is stored as fat. Glucose stored as fat contributes towards weight gain and obesity.

If you have Diabetes Type 1 your body does not produce enough insulin and is treated with insulin injections.

Diabetes Type 2 develops when you become resistance to insulin or your body is not making enough. Type 2 is linked to obesity and inactivity and was considered an adult-onset disease. More children are being diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 possibly due to the rise in childhood obesity.

Glucagon, another hormone produced in the pancreas works in partnership with insulin. It works to keep blood sugar levels high to meet the demands of the body. When blood sugar levels are low, or a protein-rich meal has been consumed and/or adrenaline released into the blood stream, glucagon stimulates the release of stored fat for energy.

In other words a high carbohydrate diet stimulates insulin the fat storing hormone, and suppresses glucagon the fat burning hormone.

Based on this known science there are active ingredients in both DROP IT and SHAPE IT that suppress the absorption of sugars into the blood stream, therefore reducing the production of the hormone insulin. The science therefore suggests that these supplements will inhibit fat storage from dietary intake. The eating plan originated in the CHOOSE IT, LOSE IT programme guides you simply into avoiding the digestion of dietary sugars. This is not about calories, but rather about blood biochemistry.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland and known as the stress hormone that boosts energy in times of “fight or flight” by curbing non-essential body functions during a crisis such as digestion and growth. Cortisol manages the utilization of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, controls mood and the sleep/wake cycle.

Balance is restored following the crisis; however stewing upon a problem (hyper vigilance around food and dieting for example) heavy drinking, smoking, lack of sleep and a bad diet can result in a continuous release of cortisol.

Signs and symptoms of elevated cortisol levels include:

• Hunger

• Decreased metabolism

• Weight gain (mostly around the mid-section and upper back, as well as rounding of the face)

• Chronic fatigue

• Difficulty concentrating

• Sleep deprivation

• Depression

STOP IT, DROP IT AND SHAPE IT provide the necessary ingredients to help alleviate the symptoms of elevated cortisol levels and reduce some of the stressors that contribute to an elevated cortisol level.

Leptin is a hormone produced by adipose fat cells in your body. It signals the brain to decrease food intake and increase energy expenditure. Leptin regulates appetite and fat breakdown. Its main role is to maintain survival by keeping you from starvation or overeating. It is also referred to as the satiety hormone.

Leptin resistance is believed to contribute towards the cycle of yo -yo dieting by causing hunger and reducing the number of calories burned, making it harder and harder to lose weight.

It has been suggested that good quality sleep, avoiding processed foods, lowering triglycerides (by reducing carbohydrate intake) eating plenty of protein and exercise may help reverse leptin resistance.

This programme raises leptin levels improving satiety and fat breakdown, promotes good quality sleep, recommends healthy proteins and reduced carbohydrates intake.

Ghrelin is termed the hunger hormone because it stimulates appetite, increases food intake, slows down metabolism and decreases the ability to burn fat. Ghrelin tells you when to eat.

Ghrelin levels increase after dieting making weight loss difficult to maintain and also when we are stressed and sleep deprived.

STOP IT, DROP IT and SHAPE IT, promotes good quality sleep and raises serotonin levels reducing stress and anxiety. It raises metabolism and improves satiety.

Resistin is a hormone produced by the fat cells and helps to cause insulin resistance. The more fat cells you have the more resistin is produced and the more insulin resistant you become. It becomes harder and harder to lose weight.

DROP IT and SHAPE IT promote fat loss reducing the incidence of insulin resistance.

Adiponectin reduces insulin resistance and the risk of Diabetes Type 2. After weight loss adiponectin levels rise. A diet rich in monosaturated fats such as fish oil, avocados, nuts, olives and olive oil boosts levels of adiponectin. A diet rich in saturated fat lowers adiponectin levels.

This programme recommends a diet of healthy fats.

Neuropeptide Y the most potent appetite stimulant with a preference for carbohydrate, it delays satiety by augmenting meal sizes. It is elevated by chronic stress, food deprivation or restriction, low protein intake and high carbohydrate diets.

There is no deprivation in this programme. We recommended a hearty, healthy diet, with good quality protein and reduced carbohydrate intake.

DROP IT contains ingredients that reduce inflammation in the hypothalamus which in turn reduces the secretion of Neuropeptide Y.

Peptide YY (PYY) causes a decrease in appetite and food intake. Consider it the satiety hormone. It is secreted in the response to a meal. Protein stimulates a lot of PYY, whereas carbohydrates release very little and cause you to eat bigger meals and feel hungry quickly after. PYY also improves leptin sensitivity. Low energy dense meals are associated with increases in PYY.

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is a hormone released into the blood stream after a meal this hormone reduces food intake, appetite and hunger, promoting fullness and satiety. Like PYY it makes you stop eating. Meals with few carbohydrates, more fat and protein seems to increase GLP-1.

Cholecystokinin (CKK) a gut hormone that inhibits stomach emptying and food intake, it is implicated in satiety and makes you stop eating. A high fat meal not a high carbohydrate meal increases levels of CKK.

This programme recommends low carbohydrate and good quality protein and fats. Satiety is also achieved by the ingredients in this supplemental programme.

Serotonin is known as the feel good hormone, we search to find ways to feel good and eating is no exception. A lot of cravings are caused by low serotonin levels. Eating high carbohydrate foods can create a cycle of sugar craving resulting in weight gain and more cravings.

STOP it contains 5HTP a precursor to serotonin. DROP IT contains Tryptophan which converts to Serotonin. DROP IT contains L-Tyrosine a precursor for dopamine, dopamine naturally suppresses appetite and aids weight loss and enhances mood. SHAPE IT contains Chlorogenic Acid that reduces carbohydrate absorption resulting in more stable blood glucose levels.

This programme recommends a reduced carbohydrate intake to reduce unstable blood sugar levels and cravings.

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