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Your search for a scientifically researched effective  fat management programme ends with Choose IT Lose IT.  .

Choose IT Lose IT 60 Day Fat Loss Programme

Product Description: Unique Custom Made Complete 60 Day Nutraceutical Programme. 27 scientifically proven ingredients, combined into three easy to take Nutraceuticals. The only programme of it's kind available, designed by weight loss nurses to ensure effective, safe, affordable and sustainable fat loss.

 STOP IT: 120 x 100 mg capsules (60 day supply). Helps to remove behaviors that cause weight gain.

 DROP IT: 120 ml weight loss drops  (30 days supply) re-establishes correct hormones to ensure effective fat loss.

 SHAPE IT: 60 x 1820 mg capsules (30 day supply). Targets adipose fat to ensure significant inch loss.

 Eating plan and on line support.

Additional Information: Customers need to seek medical advice before commencing this programme. RRP and Clinic Price  £299. Internet offer £199.00 (£3.32 per day) with recorded delivery postage charge £9.99, total £208.99

Choose IT Lose IT 60 Day Weight Loss Programme

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