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An ongoing series of informative entries

Our Latest Blog Entry


Just launched in the U.K. Currently training beauticians,clinics and Spa's to stock the programme and assist clients through their journey. These coaches will have a diploma and extensive training on how to trouble shoot if your fat loss stalls... why... because we are all unique and your journey is yours? It might be that your not eating enough,not drinking enough water, you are losing Fat and gaining muscle, so the loss on the scales isn't indicative of what you're losing. Your coach will trouble shoot with you and keep you on track. Gina, our Director of Nursing and Transformative Coach, heads the training school and has written the behavioral support programme based on her years of training and experience.

The Sky is the limit when You learn to love yourself

14 February 2020

Although I was integral in designing the nutraceuticals for this Programme, the head stuff was beyond me. I've yo - yo dieted for years and finally became a, "client" of Gina's to sort out the head stuff....why? Well like a lot of people I rewarded and punished myself with food. At times I intensely disliked my life, my body, my choices. At times I didn't Love myself enough to look after myself. I'd punish myself if I hadn't lost what I thought I should on a particular programme. I started taking the nutraceuticals and they "dampened down" all the memories I had built in my head, so all the cravings diminished and the cycle was broken. I was able to dissemble between what my biochemical brain had been telling me and what my intellect had been telling. Finally it came down to choice.... was this the time I would love myself enough not to blame myself and invest in a happier, healthier me? The answer was Yes and I've now begun the journey. To date I've lost 30 lbs of fat but more importantly I've gained self - worth and self - love.

Happy Valentines Day, With LOVE, Naomi

Where is the love?

14th February 2020

Where is the love?

Today is the day of love. St Valentine’s Day. St Valentine is also the patron saint of epileptics and beekeepers!!

So how are you spending the day, wrapped up in the arms of the one you love, drinking a nice chilled bottle of bubbly over a romantic meal? Or are you feeling down and disheartened because you have no one to share the love or your partner has forgotten that this is a very important day in the calendar?

Why do we put so much importance upon one day, when there is the whole year to show love and it’s really the little things on a daily basis that hold a relationship together.

Ultimately though, love cannot be received if it is not felt within. We have to love ourselves if we are to experience love.

From the lyrics of the Black Eyed Peas, “Where is the love?” It is not out there, it is inside.

So forgetting this big important day, what do you do on a daily basis to love and appreciate yourself?

Ponder that thought for a moment.

Are you having difficulty answering this question?

Brene Brown says in her book Daring Greatly that, escape is at the heart of all addiction. Overeating, binge eating, alcohol, gambling whatever your form of addiction, the aim is to escape our feelings.

Feelings are generated by thoughts repeated until we have a story in our head and we believe the story. So what story are you telling yourself if you are struggling to lose weight? That you are fat and ugly and unlovable?

So if you drop the story, and feel the feeling, as you let go of the thoughts the feeling will go and the need to escape the feelings have gone.

Love as with all emotion comes from inside, no matter what is happening in our external environment. Ultimately the only relationship we are experiencing is one with ourselves, because it is our thoughts and our interpretation of our thoughts that determines what we experience.

So where is the love? It’s always inside and you get to choose whether you want it or not.