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Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Simply put basal metabolic rate is the number of calories you would need if you were to do nothing for 24 hours. This includes the energy required to keep the body functioning, breathing, heart beating and temperature regulation.

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is similar to BMR and includes the number of calories burned whilst eating and conducting small amounts of activity.

Factors that affect basal metabolic rate include:

• Age - As you get older your metabolic rate generally slows

• Gender - Women tend to have slower metabolisms than men

• Muscle mass – The more muscle you have the more energy required

• Body size – Bigger bodies require more energy

• Genetics – Some families have faster BMR

• Exercise – Increase muscle mass and BMR increases during and after exercise

• Hormones – Imbalances can affect BMR

• Ambient temperature – When the body has to work hard to maintain temperature BMR increases

• Medication – Some increase and some decrease BMR

Simple ways to increase your metabolic rate:

• Eat protein – more calories are required to digest and absorb protein

• Drink cold water – The body uses energy to increase the temperature of the water

• High Intensity Workouts – Boosts metabolism and increases fat burning

• Muscle building – Increased muscle mass increases metabolism

• Drink green tea – DROP IT contains green tea extract

• Increase spicy foods in your diet – SHAPE IT contains cinnamon

• Get good quality sleep – Lack of sleep has a negative effect on metabolism. STOP IT promotes sleep.

• Drink coffee - Caffeine can boost metabolism

• Use coconut oil – May benefit metabolism due to its medium-chain fats

The Choose IT Lose IT programme introduces 27 nutraceuticals into your blood stream to ensure you target fat loss and succeed in losing inches, in spite of your BMR at the beginning of the programme. It is the brains ability to control your BMR, when you reduce intake to lose weight,which ultimately stops or slows down weight loss. It is clients variable BMR rates that make calorie controlled diets a myth and doomed to failure in the vast majority of people following these programmes. It is a damaged BMR at the end of radical diets that ensures rapid regain, even if you continue to make better choices.  The programme helps you lose adipose fat attached to skin and fat deposited in your organs. As we have kept your brain happy with the Nutraceuticals and organs work more efficiently once fat content has been removed, we have found that at the end of the progamme, clients Basal Metabolic Rates have not been reduced. Most importantly to date, regain has not yet been reported in any client, who has successfully completed the programme.