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The founder members of  The Choose It  Lose It 60 day Nutraceutical Programme,  have been involved in the World of Surgically assisted, Medicated and Behavioral Management of overweight patients for years. They formed their Company, Seismic change Limited, to offer clients realistic, affordable, safe and effective weight management solutions.

The legislation in the U.K, via the Medical Health Registration Authority, the equivalent of the FDA in America, state that Clinicians, be it Doctors, Nurses or Surgeons cannot recommend alternative therapies and or Homeopathy.

As Clinicians, this caused us the largest dilemma of our careers. Obesity is becoming an epidemic and all the methods we have supervised have known flaws. Gastric Sheath Surgery, where the stomach and part of the bowel is removed, finally proved scientifically that weight loss can and does stop, even with the supra obese after a period of two years. These patients can’t “cheat” as only a small percentage of the food they eat can be absorbed into their bodies. This proves therefore, that weight loss is significantly affected by the bodies biochemistry and not simply about how much food we eat.

Medication will address one aspect of weight loss and is based on the flawed science that if we reduce calories and increase calorie demand through exercise, we will lose weight. What scientists now know is that when we begin to “diet” the body can and does reduce Basal Metabolic Rate, simply the rate at which we burn calories and therefore people on a restrictive diet need to eat less and less to continue to lose weight.

Two Drug companies will be bringing out formulary drugs if they pass stage three clinical trials, that do address this issue. Most prescription medications are limited to morbidly or supra obese patients not for the “overweight”. We identified from our experience that current surgery and medication is only available to patients that have a significant weight problem. Indeed, we have even experienced overweight patients being advised to gain weight, in order to access services, to lose weight.

Then we look at behavior and simply we know that anxiety, depression and lack of sleep are all key factors in weight gain. Unfortunately, surgical and medication programmes for weight loss both increase anxiety and can affect sleep.

We decided to make a life and career choice. We went back to the basic science and looked at thousands of studies about the human body, eating behaviors and supplements. We are not reinventing the wheel but wanted to create a supplement programme that will genuinely help you through your weight loss journey.

Every ingredient included has studies as to it effectiveness, without you having to have 40 bottles of supplements, in your cupboard. We sourced an FDA registered facility with GMP certification, to ensure, these supplements are effective, safe and affordable. We have ensured that each ingredient is of sufficient quantity to be effective. We found from our research that many poor quality supplements exists, not because they will not work at the right dose but because companies reduce amounts for increased profit. The programme will take you, your body and mind on a journey where the destination is success, without you having to wade through the science, try and get right doses and probably end up taking up to 60 tablets a day.

The web site will evolve, and we will keep adding to the forum and hope you will post on it too.

If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us . We too have been on this journey for many years and can speak from both professional and personal experience.

Regards Naomi Curley & Gina Leybourn.